The Fen Cycleway and Bridleway is open!

The final seal went down yesterday. Bollards are in place to stop unauthorised cars and vans accessing it.

The vast majority of the money and technical expertise came from Cambs County Council, with the Parish Council responsible for its future upkeep…and yes, it does go down to the busway.

Its great to see it being used immediately by wheelchair users, as well as a variety of walkers, riders and cyclists…opening up access to both the busway and St Ives.

Well done to Cllr Ian Bates from Cambs County Council and Cllr Paul Kent from Fenstanton Parish Council, along with the Fen Residents Group and everyone involved for all their work in making this happen. A great asset for Fenstanton.

To download the full press release, click below

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  1. James Evans
    James Evans says:

    Well done to all who helped getting this up and running. I think it’s a great asset for the village. The ideal situation would be that there is an additional guided bus stop at the end of the bridleway and I hope this is considered in the future.

    • kevmitch59
      kevmitch59 says:

      Its something the Parish Council is pursuing. The Guided Busway is managed by a seperate entity, and we need to convince them there is a need. At the moment, they feel there are stops close enough at St Ives Park and Ride and Fen Drayton Lakes. We all need to convince them otherwise!

  2. Jason
    Jason says:

    I’m a regular user of the Fen and whilst this is a considerable improvement, I can’t help thinking that this particular surface isn’t going to last. It does feel rather soft under foot, so with the wet weather and the odd car/van still using it for access to the fields, I can see this deteriorating very quickly.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong as the theory of this improvement and the additional access it now provides is great for the village.


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