Make up of current Committees and Working Groups

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General Purposes

To examine and act upon those subjects delegated to it by the Council, on an annual and ongoing basis, including:
• Greens and Hedges – awarding the annual contract for the cutting of grass which are your Parish Council’s responsibility.
• Ensuring that areas, such as that area around the Clock Tower, which are the responsibility of your Parish Council are kept in good repair
• Ensuring compliance with agreements made with other responsible authorities.
• Liaison with appropriate authorities and landowners about the trimming and cutting of problematic and untidy vegetation and foliage which is not the responsibility of the Council.
• Ensure that public footpaths are not obstructed and that the course of the footpaths are indicated by the appropriate authority.
• Liaison with appropriate authorities on the proper repair, cleaning and drainage of roads and the subway.
• Liaison with appropriate authorities on the cleansing of public waterways and with landowners whose ditches affect road drainage.
• Ensuring that the Village Pond is kept clean and in good repair.
• Ensuring that the Clock Tower is kept in good repair.
• Reviewing the need for the provision of children’s play equipment and to ensure that the equipment is properly maintained.
• Keeping the PC NoticeBoards up to date and in a good standard.

Finance and Constitution


1.1 To present to the Parish Council, in November of each year, a financial statement with the recommendation for the precept to be requested for the next financial year.
1.2 To advise the Council on the financial effects of undertaking new projects (whether included in the budget or not) which could affect other projects under way or planned.
1.3 To be responsible for the advertising for, and appointment of, the position of the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to the Council.
To consider and approve the remuneration to be paid to any employee of the Council and the details of the contract offered.
1.4 To maintain and keep up to date the asset register, including writing off any item at the request of the used of the item.
1.5 To keep Standing Orders under review drafting any amendments as necessary for the consideration of the Council.
1.6 To keep other documents under review such as ‘Committee Terms of Reference’ etc.
1.7 To ensure that appropriate and timely submissions and comments are made, to the relevant authorities, on matters which are relevant to the Parish.



1.1 To examine all applications for planning
1.2 To recommend approval or refusal of applications based on such relevant factors as materials, access and rights of way, vehicle parking, usage etc (as set out in the Application for Planning Permission –Town and Country Planning Act 1990)
1.3 To make representations, views and observations on behalf of your Parish Council, to HDC, and to do so within the allotted time span set by the HDC.
1.4 This committee to report to full council its’ considered opinion on the main aspects of an application. ( Typical of such applications would be those for a factory, motel, housing estate or leisure centre. ) This to include any project known to be, or likely to contentious in nature.

Burial Board


1.1 To manage and control the Parish churchyard and closed cemetery.
1.2 To set rules for the control of the burial ground
1.3 To set the fees for burials annually.
1.4 To award the contract for the cutting of the grass in the Church yard and cemetery.
1.5 To appoint a groundsman if necessary, under the Burial Ground Maintenance Contract.