Fenstanton Flood Plan

Flooding event flowchart
Incident poster showing what to do

A draft plan, in anticipation of the establishment of a Community Flood Group, has been prepared.

If you would be interested in joining, or require furthe information, please contact your Parish Council Clerk.

Emergency equipment is being sourced and stored within the village.

Flood Working Group

Connington Road/ Morris Homes

Established following the flooding experienced in Fenstanton during December 2020, this Group has been recording the individual incidents, investigating and establishing the causes and working to find resolutions.

Whilst individual incidents may be the result of multiple causes, four primary factors have been identified:

  • Heightened river levels
  • Impact of the new A14
  • Blocked gullies, culverts, waterways
  • Impact of new housing developments


  • We have initiated and are in ongoing dialogue with:
    • Cambs County Council (Lead Flood Authority; Flooding caused by uncleared and damaged drains, culverts, ditches)
    • Highways England (Flooding from the new A14 construction)
    • The Environment Agency (Flooding from River Gt Ouse, clearance and maintenance of main waterways)
    • Anglia Water (Flooding from sewers and water mains)
    • Hunts District Council (Flooding on new developments, including Morris Homes estate)
    • Surrounding Parish Councils, including Fen Drayton, Hemmingford Grey, Hemmingford Abbotts, Hilton
    • Local MP (Lobbying for multi- agency action on flood prevention measures for Fenstanton)

Recording and mapping

  • Recording of all flooding incidents, including near misses
  • Visual inspection and mapping of culverts, waterways, drains, watermains, sewers to understand how water enters, travels around and leaves Fenstanton
  • Development of condition reports and maintenance programmes

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Updates, Reports, Findings

  • A14 flooding
  • Morris Homes
  • Drains, Gullies, Ditches