Multi use games area (MUGA)

In conjunction with Fenstanton Primary School and CCC. Funding approved by the A14 Community Fund. Work to commence In July 2021.

Steel fence plan for MUGA

Fen Cycle Path and Bridleway

In conjunction with Cambridgeshire County Council, work has been completed to create a cycle and bridleway along the length of The Fen.

Further work on the appearance and clearance of the drainage channels will be on-going.

Village pond and clock tower

The Clock Tower has been painted, the bell repaired, and new fencing around the pond and the bollards surrounding the Clock Tower installed as the first phase of the development of the area.

Further work is scheduled to include:

Clearing the village pond of invasive week; replanting and restocking

Development of an outdoor seating area by the pond

Further repair and restoration of the Clock Tower, including the replacement of the redundant lighting.

Re-installment of the Village Whipping Post and the addition of information boards, showcasing the history of the Clock Tower, Pond and Village Green

Village appearance and cleanliness

A village planting survey will be undertaken shortly, which will inform a planting plan for 2021 and beyond.

The village clear up volunteer sessions will recommence as soon as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. New equipment and signage has been purchased.

New signage and presentation boards will be designed and deployed around the village. To include both historical information and improvements in current signage.

Other projects

Traffic management and road safety safety schemes, to include:

  • Speed reduction to 20 mph in the High Street
  • Installation of parking bays along Chequer Street
  • Cambridge Road, between Kier and Morris Homes housing estates

Flood management planning

Community Café

Establishment of a Fenstanton Community Trust

Adoption of the Old Orchard – following transfer of the land from Kier Homes

Upgrade of the Hamptons playing field

Recently completed projects

Community Warden Scheme – in conjunction with Fen Drayton, and Lolworth Parish Councils

Introduction of a Foodbank hub in Fenstanton

12 new waste/dog poo bins have been deployed at sites around the village where high levels of uncleared litter and dog poo are currently being experienced.