Outline planning permission for up to 39 dwellings and 0.2ha of allotments with associated works.

Land East of the bridge over the A1307(old A14) and between the A1307 (old A14) and Cambridge Road, Fenstanton.

Your Parish Council has been invited to submit its views of the proposed development of 39 dwellings on the land East of the bridge over the A1307 (old 14) and between the A1307 (old A14 ) and Cambridge Road Fenstanton.

The closing date for our response is 27th November

This will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday, 12th November, from 7.00pm. If you would like to attend the Zoom meeting, or would like to let us have your views, please email: clerk@fenstantonparishcouncil.org.uk.

Alternatively, you can provide your feedback on the Hunts District Council planning portal (above).

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  1. steve hobbs
    steve hobbs says:

    Further to the request for comments regarding the proposed development East of the bridge over the A1307, I have no objection to this piece of ground being developed and it may even tidy what is presently scrub land. I do however propose some conditions are attached as below:
    1.The additional allotments are welcomed but could it be increased to say doubling the size at present
    2. Design consideration given for the land/Burger King to the South probably being developed ie street scene, minimise junctions onto the main road
    3.Should not include 3 story town houses
    4.Each unit has a minimum of 2 car parking spaces

  2. Joni Grace
    Joni Grace says:

    Can our infrastructure sustain an even further increase in population? Also those houses will be surrounded by noise & air pollution albeit that the old A14 is quieter.


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